Ask the Raider Bird

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Dear Raider Bird,

Do you like to dance, and if so what kind of dance move you like to do?

How do you not trip?


Hi there.  These two questions go well together.  You would think with these big talons I might have trouble walking and dancing.  I will say that going up stairs can be tough.  But I get around best by dancing!

It’s easier to not step on my own toes when I’m shaking my tail feathers.  If you see me, I’m usually shuffling my way around the halls.  There are few things I enjoy as much as dancing.

My favorite dance move is the “cabbage patch.”  This one came from a music video “The Cabbage Patch,” in which the dance was performed by the Gucci Crew II.  It’s an easy dance move.  You just put your hands together, and move them together in a circular motion.  Imagine you are stirring a really big bowl of cake batter with a huge spoon.  Then just groove with it while your work that cake batter!