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“Outbreak” Review

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Dustin Hoffman and Rene Russo in 1995’s ‘Outbreak’.

A look back at 1995’s “Outbreak”, amidst the COVID-19 quarantine.

During these quiet, yet rather suspenseful times, many people may be finding that they’re running out of things to do while sitting at home. While it is more than likely that most have had more than their fair share of TV and Netflix, one classic movie stands out in light of its relevancy to today’s events. 1995’s “Outbreak”, available to stream on Netflix, wonders, “What would happen if a deadly virus took the world by storm?” 

This virus in particular is named ‘Motaba’, where the recipients of which break out into nasty open sores. The makeup in the movie is quite realistic, as expected of a feature film; but nevertheless, if blood makes one squeamish, this may not be the film for them. 

As far as factual accuracy is concerned, Outbreak, being set mainly in the United States, uses correct medical and governmental terminology. The main protagonists associate with real organizations such as the World Health Organization and the CDC. 

The movie has a very well planned and moderate pace, rarely being too slow, yet not skimming over any important details or scenes for the sake of time. 

For those looking for comic relief in this rather dark story, there are several light jokes throughout between leading roles which helps viewers connect to the characters, making the movie all the better. Not to worry for those who find that humor ruins a good plot however, as there is still plenty of solemnness and blood to go around. 

This being said, the semi-intense graphics of the disease are not the only reason this movie is rated R. While there is no questionable or sexual content throughout the movie, the main characters swear frequently enough that one may want to reconsider before watching this movie with children. 

Overall, Outbreak is a well-orchestrated film that will capture the attention of a viewer throughout, with the perfect mix of both suspenseful and heartwarming moments. Especially considering the events that have been happening around the world recently, this movie is certainly worth a watch for anyone with a Netflix subscription.

Measles outbreak reported in Pierce County

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Check with your provider to make sure your vaccinations are up-to-date.

In February, a measles outbreak was reported in the King County area, and now it has moved to Pierce County, according to the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department.

There are no confirmed cases within the Pierce College District but students and staff should still monitor how sick they get and watch for the following symptoms: fever, red eyes, runny nose and cough.

Three days after these symptoms arise, a rash will start forming on the face and then start spreading to the rest of the body. Keep in mind the virus will stay airborne for two hours once the infected person leaves a area.  

Please stay home if you have the symptoms listed above.  Please check with your family physician to make sure everyone is up-to-date on vaccines. The Washington State Department of Health also provides a way to check your vaccination status online: https://wa.myir.net.

Some clinics will provide free shots for children and low cost shots for adults without insurance.

Measles are very contagious and severely dangerous if children catch it. Please contact your children’s health professionals if your child has the measles virus or you have been in or near an infected area.

All this information and more can be found on the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department at https://www.tpchd.org/home. You can also call the department at 253-798-6500.

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