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Kicking it with Q – Episode 3 – Food for Thought: Valentines Day

Quintin Mattson-Hayward and Daniel So go around asking students about their Valentines Day thoughts.

Editor: Quintin Mattson-Hayward

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Pierce Pioneer Hallway Hassle – Budget Cuts, Land Development, New Student Advice


Pierce Pioneer Hallway Hassle – has Pierce helped you be successful?


Pierce College recently won the Leah Meyer Austin Award from the "Achieving the Dream" non-profit for $25,000. Some changes Pierce went through to achieve this included requiring the college success class and re-designing English and Math classes.

Hallway Hassle: How do you feel about the Government shutdown?

Elizabeth Pratt: “My brother in law got layed-off from border patrol and is expected to show up and work on credit.”obama-cartoon

Esset Jennings: It seems awful that the country can be held hostage because of issues that are unrelated. It’s an abuse of power.”

Nikki Blotski: My dad works for DCMA and was affected by it. The government shutdown makes our country look weak.”

Morgan Montgomery: “The government shut down is ridiculous. The state parks are shut down but Michelle Obama’s website is still up.”

Douglas Minaini: “I feel like it’s a democratic and republican warfare that puts the citizens in the middle.”

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