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Pierce College Parking – Tips, Guidelines, and Warnings

With the school year in full swing, students are finally back on their daily grind. Which means that student parking has become a jungle of cars and impatient drivers. And if you’re anything like me, nothing turns a student off more than circling the parking lot for half an hour just to find a spot near the back of the campus. So here’s a few things to keep in mind if you’d like to avoid this in the future.

Lot A is the best lot

The advantages of parking in Lot A go without saying. Located west of the North Entrance - the first entrance way to the campus via Steilacoom Blvd. heading towards the park and Western State - Lot A gives you immediate access to both the Rainier, Olympic, and Sunrise buildings on campus, no matter how far you end up parking. Lot A has more available parking spaces than Lot B, which is typically where visitors and employees. Meanwhile Lot C is typically for Health Education HEF and the Dental Clinic, meaning that if you’re not a part of that, you’re going to spend a good 5-7 minutes just walking to where you need to be.

8 a.m. is the best time to park

This mainly applies to early birds or morning class students. The parking lot is typically barren between 7:30 a.m. to 8 a.m., before students start pulling in around 8:30 a.m. So if you’re not a fan of having to park far from your class, 8 a.m. is the golden time to show up to park on campus.

Park during passing periods

If 8 a.m. seems a bit early, no need to stress about setting your alarms clocks just yet. Passing periods are typically the best times to park on campus if you’re a morning or afternoon student. This means showing up at the parking lot between, for example, 9:50 a.m. and 10:10 a.m. Students finishing up morning classes normally leave around this time, meaning that their spots will soon be open. This trend of showing up during the passing periods of average class times typically continues until around noon, where the spots become more sporadically available.

Non exit lanes have hidden gems

To continue with parking during passing periods, don’t forget to drive through lanes that don’t immediately take you to an exit. This would include lanes 1, 3, and 5. Lanes pop up and remain vacant in these parts during passing periods.This is most likely due to people wanting to find parking in lanes 2 and 4, as they’re easier to get into and don’t require you to turn your car around. However, if you don’t mind the extra minute it takes to do so, you’ll often find more available spots here in the morning than in the other lanes.

Drive extra slow through the parking lot

It’s not only safe to drive slowly through the parking lot due to unsuspecting students backing out before looking; but driving slow will also allow these students to come out and provide you with a new available spot to park in.

Evening class students start showing up around 5 p.m.

Lanes 3 and 4 of Lot A tend to begin filling up with evening students by around 5 p.m. These lanes give students direct access to a path leading straight down to Cascade, Olympic, and Sunrise.So if you’re an evening student who wants to park under a street light, or somewhere that won’t require you to walk to far at night to get to your car, then you’ll want to show up for parking between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. Otherwise, you can always ask Campus Safety to escort you to your car.

Parking lots grow empty after 1 p.m.

If you’re not too picky about where you’re parking, and don’t have morning classes to attend, then the lots tend to get empty after 1 p.m. This applies especially to lots A and B, as by 1 p.m., most students have left for home.

Never park in an exit lane between 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Exit lanes, for Lot A, include lanes 1, 2, and 4. But especially 1 and 2. If you plan on leaving the campus between 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., then you better be prepared to sit in your parking spot for awhile. Most students leave during this time, meaning that the line to leave often stretches across the entire parking lot. This will leave you at the courtesy of your fellow students either giving you space to get out of your parking spot, or enter the long line of cars exiting. Accidents in the parking lot also tend to be high during this time, so if you do plan on leaving between this time, it’s better to park in lanes 3 or 5, as there’s less traffic coming your way and it provides you with easier access to exit the campus.

Never park in between class periods

For morning class students especially, never show up to park in between class periods. This means showing up to parking around 9:30 a.m. or 10:30 a.m., for example. Class is normally in session around these times, meaning that parking spaces will not be available anytime soon. Showing up around this time will just have you circling the parking lot until the next passing period.

Lane 5 is meant for tiny cars

In lane 5 of Lot A, the parking lanes are slim and often crooked. Meaning, if you’ve got a truck or a van, you’re going to want to avoid parking in this lane, or risk finding some scratches on your car after class. For wider set cars, lanes 2 and 3 have really good spacious spots, including a few lanes towards the back of lane 3 and 4.The most important part about parking on campus is finding the trends and doing what works for you. Some people don’t mind waiting for an available spot if it means it burns time, others would rather save the gas and park as soon as they arrive. Whatever your preference may be, hopefully a few of these tips and guidelines can help make parking a little less annoying.

Julie A. White and what it means to be involved

Kotone Ochiai / Staff Photographer
President White getting interviewed by Lizzy Rowe

Pierce College Fort Steilacoom president Julia A. White goes in depth on her life and what her goals and intents are for the students under her.

Pierce College centers its focus on providing educational opportunities through equity, inclusion and accessibility to all communities. Julie A. White, Ph.D and current Fort Steilacoom Pierce College president keeps those key components at the core of her work.

White was looking for the next step in her career and had her eye on Pierce for some years now. “Pierce is a national leader and trendsetter in the community college sector,” she adds. “When I saw this job opening was available, I was excited, and I got right on it.”

Growing up in a rural community in Indiana, White’s family had never been to college. Her father dropped out of high school in the 10th grade, and her grandfather couldn’t read or write. “Academics came easily to me, but I did feel adrift. It wasn’t something my family had experienced,” White disclosed. “They definitely supported me but didn’t know how to.”

In high school, White was encouraged by her English teacher and music instructors. They brought out her potential and helped her through tough times in life. “I experienced the power of literature and music to help me understand the human experience and connect my own emotions to the broader world. I wanted to bring that to others,” she states.

As a first-generation college student, White says not to let anyone limit you or define what you can accomplish. “There are so many people with stories like mine who have accomplished amazing things. Get to know those people because those are the people that can help bolster you.”

Julie White / Courtesy Photo

Equity is the accessibility of student opportunity and success with the individual needs of students at the heart. White says people with less opportunities or lack of resources create a separation and a less vibrant culture for all. “We have a lot of work to do in this country around historical racism, sexism and the conditions we see today are rooted in those histories. We can’t go back and change that, but we can address the current conditions.”

With the national presidential election underway, many candidates ran on a platform of reducing or eliminating student debt, particularly for community colleges. White states that college should be free to everyone because financially it’s a huge barrier that if removed gives more opportunities to students. 

“There would be funds for daily living expenses for students who work full time and part time.” She proposes this innovation so students can work less and focus more on their academics.

The Washington State Legislator has increased funding so more students can receive grants. There is no effective plan for the grants between federal and state financial aid regulations, but White is continually working with community college presidents on innovative projects. “We are creating a virtual hub of community resources that will help students identify their financial needs and services in the community,” White says.

White’s first steps in her new role is to listen and to learn. Having conversations with students, faculty and examining student success data will help her understand where the barriers lie and how they can improve them. 

When she is not in the office or at a community event, White enjoys yoga, hiking, biking and being outdoors. She is excited to experience the culture and beauty Washington has to offer. White also has a son and a daughter who are musicians and are enrolled in graduate school. “I think there are some helpful genes there, but they have worked really hard. I am very proud of them,” she states.  

White says you can expect to see her on campus attending student events, and she welcomes any new ideas students bring forth. “They should know I am out in the community talking about how great they are and trying to spread the word about Pierce so more students can take advantage of the opportunities that we have.”

Dear Rylee: Men Making the First Move

Dear Rylee Special Edition: Making the First Move: Men’s Edition

Here it is men, although there are women out there who are bold and aggressive when it comes to making the first move, most women shy away from being initiators in the dating world. A woman wants to know that you can approach them without being afraid.

Women want to be pursued by men, ultimately you must have enough courage to make the first move.

Don’t be a cowardly lion   Women in our society have been taught to play hard,  for the fear of being considered easy. There is no doubt that making the first move is nerve-wracking, but women want men to take chances i.e., asking them out, planning an evening, or kissing them when they lease expect it.

Going out on a limb and being rejected can be frustrating, but you will get nowhere fast if you refuse to take initiative. Don’t be like the cowardly lion hiding in the shadows, take the risk.

Get in the mindset Confidence is the best thing you can wear.

You cannot hit on a woman from across the room, so muster up the confidence, plan your first line (No, corny lines please gentlemen and no “You liking the weather?’ comments either).

Make it relevant to the atmosphere you are in. If there is a band playing, comment on them, see how she feels about the band.

If her glass is empty or getting close to empty then ask her if you can buy her another one. If she says, “no I am done drinking for the night” this isn’t a turn down; just ask her if she would like a non-alcoholic beverage.

She might be impressed that you listened to what she actually said.

Read the body language You cannot always know 100% if she is ready to be pursued, but you can always watch her body language.

While she is flirting with you, she might move in closer, play with her hair, or touch you accidentally. These are body language signs that say she wants you to pursue her. But this is not a James bond movie, she is not going to swoon over you, take you home, and throw off her clothes.

Remember that just because you may think she is a one night stand, she isn’t. Women want to be courted; they want flowers, and romantic dates. If the only thing you are trying to do is score; she will see right through it.

Keep in mind, each woman is different,  I recommend you carefully observe their body language to make sure she’s receptive to your advances. Even though you may feel as if she is sending you the green light, the last thing you want to do is scare her away by coming on too aggressive. (I.E. shoving your tongue down her throat.)

If she tells you she has school in the morning, or work, she is probably telling you that it is not the right time.

Recognize, there is more to making the first move, it’s about making  a connection too.

Dear Rylee: Women Making the First Move

Special Edition: Making the first move: Women’s edition

The common misconception in society is that men have to make the first move. Over the past decade this had been proven wrong again and again. Although many older generations still believe that a woman asking a man on a date sends the wrong message, sometimes a woman has to make the first move. However, this can be intimidating and frightening because you don’t know what he will say or how he will react. I am here to help you make it just a little bit easier.

Be Bold. Women sometimes convince themselves that approaching a guy looks desperate. But it’s the exact opposite. Despite what people think sometimes it is up to the women to make the first move because the guy is (hold onto your hats ladies) too scared to. Not to mention that it takes whole heck of a lot of courage to be the one to break the barrier and trust me this move will not go unnoticed.

Don’t Be Afraid. The worst a guy can say in no. I know that this word can be hurtful and cause you to feel rejected but if you keep fearing the work ‘no’ then you will never get anywhere in the dating world or in your life. Strike up a conversation with him. Buy him a
drink. This works great, especially if the man you are interested in is just as shy as you are. If he says no then don’t be offended or put off. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you or find you attractive; he could be preoccupied or maybe he is already in a committed relationship.

Be Confident. The sexiest thing a woman can wear is her confidence, so he’ll love it if you are the one who makes the first move. Why? It’s refreshing. Man love to be challenged and love it when something unexpected comes out of the blue. They love a woman who can be bold and confident in herself.

Flirt. Well, duh! But you would be surprised by the amount of woman who underestimate flirting. Not to mention that men love to flirt just as much as we do-and they love the attention. You want to be playful and sweet, not too aggressive, which is where some
women go wrong. You want to control the situation without scaring him off. Lightly touch his arm during conversation.
Smile. Ask him about himself. Contribute to the conversation but more importantly listen to what he has to say. Flirting can make things more comfortable and more fun.

 Be Direct. You may think your gestures are obvious but men just do not get subtlety the way we do. When communicating with men it is perfectly alright to be more straight forward than with you girlfriends. Not to mention that telling him what you do and do not
want helps a man feel less pressure to make all the decisions.

Best of Luck

Do you have any other tips for making the first move? Or do you want advice on a specific question you have? Email Dear Rylee
at [email protected] Remember: Your anonymity is important to us. No information will be shared.

Be aware of the truth not frightened of the truth

Over the past couple of years, I have written articles on several issues that frighten people.

My goal has always been to inform my audience so that they can avoid or minimize problems in their relationships. As the school year draws to an end, I want to reiterate some of the lessons.

Abstinence is a great way to avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Getting to know your partner and monogamy are also good ideas. Although not perfect, condoms do reduce the risk of some diseases and pregnancy.

Sexually active people should also learn about and employ the most effective contraception. And last, vaccines are available for some STIs, e.g. human papilloma and hepatitis A and B.

If a relationship is going bad or jealousy rears its ugly head, people need to talk to one another in an open, non-attacking style to seek resolution. If this fails, counseling maybe necessary.

If there is a threat of danger from a partner seek help. There are ways out of abusive relationships, e.g. YWCA and other help lines. We have great resources information on the Pierce College web site: www.pierce.ctc.edu/dist/ counseling.If you are fearful that gays will take over the world, rest easy, they just want the same rights as others in our society.

Gays are not out recruiting innocent straights. There is no credible evidence that a straight person can be turned gay, nor a gay person turned straight. If you are gay, transgendered, bisexual, or questioning there are resources and people who can help you suicide is not the answer (see past web site for further info).

If you feel that you are not a competent lover; there are numerous books that give suggestions to be a better lover.

Once again, communicating with your partner is one of the best approaches to become a better lover. Likewise, if a relationship is becoming boring, there are books suggesting ways to spice up one’s sex life,

or talk with your partner about new ways of being.

If you are having trouble finding dates, remember that friends can be effective in set-ups, if they know your tastes. On-line dating can also work (but be careful there are creeps amongst us) or joining a club or group that does ac- tivities you enjoy.

At least you can have fun doing the activities.

And don’t forget the option of approaching a per- son you find attractive in a public place.

Having something to say in advance (not a trite line), could allow you to make the approach.

A book titled “Guerilla Dating” makes useful suggestions on approaching a stranger. Be hopeful but 100% success is not likely to happen.

Driving a vehicle is the most dangerous thing that most of us do. But people are seldom fearful of driving (some should be). If we are careful, follow rules, keep our vehicles in good shape and pay attention to our driving, then accidents are uncommon.

Intimate relationships are similar. If we are careful and pay attention to what we are doing and how our behavior can impact self or others, then we tend not to get into wrecked relation- ships or lives. And, while I’m at it, remember to wear sun screen.

New positions can help rekindle or spice up bedroom activities

People wonder: what is the best position for intercourse? The answer depends on several factors. One’s gender, health, disabilities, flexibility, body size, sexual orientation, genital size, mood, partner’s preferences, etc, impact which position is best.

In general there are only a handful of basic positions: standing, sitting, bending over, straddling, kneeling, side-by-side, and one person on top of the other. Most of the above can be done facing one another or from behind. In general men prefer positions that allow them to move freely and penetrate deeply while thrusting rapidly, while women prefer being in control of depth, angle of penetration and pace.

Male superior (on top) is an example of the former and female superior (on top), the later. Some people prefer the facing positions because they feel they are more intimate and the non-facing is too impersonal.

Increasing the complexity of the issue, each of the above basic positions has a large number of variations. For example, leg(s) up, legs together, legs apart, legs wrapped around, side-saddle, to name a few.

For readers who want to expand their repertoire of positions, Men’s Health has a nice piece on their Men’s Health website titled, “Master Positions” that depicts 26 positions with information on how they enhance stimulation.

There are also books, e.g. Great in Bed, by Debby Herbenick, that provide information on positions, as well as, suggestions to improve romance and sexual relations.

Gay and lesbian couples can also find information on-line or in books regarding sexual positions.

Most couples try a fairly large number of positions when they first become sexually intimate. With time, they usually settle into one or a few position that they find stimulating and comfortable.

Unfortunately this may lead to “sexual boredom” within the relationship. Sometime a little experimentation can rekindle sexual feelings that may have died down.

A variation presented recently in Men’s Health is worth mentioning. The couple engages in the male superior position with the woman’s legs wrapped around the man’s hips. The couple then gently rocks
side to side.

Men’s Health reports that couples who try this often find that the woman achieves orgasm rapidly and intensely in this position.

This is likely due to the rocking pressure on the woman’s clitoris.

People with special needs, e.g. obesity, disabilities, or limited mobility also have resources.

For, example, www.disabled-world.com or www.weightism.org, provide suggestions for successful intercourse that can help people with these conditions.

Dear Rylee: Desperate and Alone

Stay faithful to your values and don’t give in to peer pressure

Dear Rylee,
I am a 21 year old sophomore here at Pierce and I was raised to believe that a woman should wait till marriage to give up her virginity but none of the men I have been dating seem to understand that. They always seem to be dumping me for women who have lower standards. My friends keep pressuring me into giving in but they don’t seem to understand how much this means to me. I don’t want to have to give up my values and morals to
keep a guy. What can I do?
Desperate and Alone
Dear Desperate and Alone,
Don’t get rid of those values! I admire and applaud you for standing your ground. You are still young and there is plenty of time ahead of you to find the right guy who will understand why you want to wait.

Do not worry about the men who have come and gone recently, they were not meant for you.

Society today can be full of pressure for women to give up their virginity, it is all over the media, television and in books, but it says something about a woman’s character when she decides not
to give into the pressure of the world.

As for your friends maybe it is time you sit down and have a discussion with them about why you believe what you believe about your virginity.

Maybe by telling them how you feel about the subject and being open about it they will begin to understand you a little more.

So stop worrying about getting the perfect man to understand about you wanting to wait; concentrate on your
studies. The perfect man for you will come in time and you still have plenty of it left.

Keep to your values and stick with it. Don’t let anyone tell you that what you are holding dear is worth giving up. It isn’t. Keep strong and you will do just fine.

Best of luck
If you would like to submit questions
about anything, please email [email protected]

Preventing mental illness

Mental health; a commonly used word in society today that has people locking to therapists, shrinks, and mental health experts to be diagnosed. But what is mental health really? It surely isn’t the stress you feel everyday. Or is it?

There are so many things today that fall under the category of mental health that it needs its own diagnostic book.

But there are ways to prevent having a mental illness and it is called taking care of oneself. Its true that there are certain illnesses that cannot be helped, some of which are genetic such as schizophrenia, but there are some that have preventatives measures.

Lowering your stress level can help with combating certain mental illness and lower the mental strain on a person. Exercise releases endorphins, which are healthy for your body’s natural function.

Even just taking a spa day or a day at the beach can be beneficial to your mental health and lower the stress brought on by our daily life. It is true that you cannot prevent all mental illnesses, but a person can take precautions to help themselves face a better life without mental illness.


Dear Rylee,

Not fitting in is something we all worry about

Dear Rylee

Lately I have been realizing that when hanging with my friends it seems as if everything they are do- ing is…more important than what I do. They are always busy doing important things for their high profile job. I am a full time student and they got great jobs right out of High School. It seems as if I have taken the back burner to their lives. Whenever we do anything, like lunch, it is always a hassle to schedule us all together. Not to mention that they always make comments about not being able to go to the ‘nicer’ restaurants because I can- not afford the more expensive food. What can I do??

Sincerely Alone in a Crowded Room

Dear Alone in Crowded Room

It is natural to feel awkward and out of place when things change dramatically over a short period of time.

You went from being best friends, always together, in high school to being best friends, now with a life, in the real world. Let’s get one thing straight,you have nothing to feel bad about nor should you feel bad.

You are a full time college student trying to further your education. That does not happen overnight.

Getting a good job that works around your schedule and pays well is not easy to find.

Not to mention that getting a job right after college is not easy either. Here is something I hope will help.

1. Every time you make plans with your friends, take a deep breathe.

According to Online Health Mag- azine deep breathes in tense situations can help stop stress before it even begins.

This is going to help you keep control of your emotions so that all of your pent up ‘back burner’ feelings do not suddenly take on a life of their own and start whiplashing your friends in the face.

2. Ask them if there is one day a week or even a month that you guys can call a ‘no schedule day’.

This means that they cannot schedule any work events on that day so that you all have one day a week or month that is always for you guys.

Therefore you guys don’t have to keep playing phone tree over and over again with each other to see what days will work. You will always have that day (ex.

The 15th of every month or every other Friday) free for one another. Less hassle.

3. Ask them not to talk about work or business while you guys are together.

Do not be afraid to tell them how you feel.

If your friends cannot accept how you feel and or appreciate the guts it took to confront them then maybe it is time to find new friends.

There is nothing wrong about ask- ing for some girl time with no phones or work involved. Be bold.

And last but not least 4. If your friends make comments about the places you guys eat or the things you have to do because you cannot afford something better, then it is time you girls have a serious conversation.

You need to sit down and tell them how you feel about their comments and about how their comments make you feel.

As your friends they should understand and if not there is nothing wrong with excusing yourself from the get togethers.

You have no reason to stick around in a situation where people are just going to make you feel bad about yourself and what you are trying to accomplish.

I hope everything goes well! Best of Luck!


If you would like to submit questions about anything, please email [email protected]

Dear Rylee,

Dear Rylee,
Why do people make such a big deal out of Mother’s Day? I haven’t celebrated it since my mother kicked me out of the house when I was 16, but now that I have a daughter of my own my husband keeps asking me what we are going to do on Mother’s Day? We have been getting in huge fights because he doesn’t seem to understand that I don’t want to celebrate it! What do I do?
Desperate for HELP!


Dear Desperate for HELP!

Life is about compromise. It’s hard to admit, but it is true. You need to sit down and explain to your husband, step by step, why you do not like celebrating mother’s day, and then you need to get over it. Harsh, I know, but it is true.

Mother’s Day is a tremendous holiday where you are the star.

To you it may seem like you are the only one losing out on this holiday, but you are depriving your child of learning what it means to put someone else above herself.

Whether your daughter is 1 year old or 99 years old, she will understand that Mother’s Day is a day to cherish, not only with you but also with the children she will one day have.

Stop and think why you truly do not want to celebrate Mother’s Day.

It could be because your own relationship with your mother is shattered and you are afraid that your daughter and you will become the same way.

You could still be harboring resentment for what your mom did to you, but you have an advantage.

There is an old proverb that states, “A wise man learns from the mistakes of others, while a fool learns from his own mistakes.”

You have the opportunity to learn from your mother’s mistakes.

You can take everything you dislike about your mother’s child-rearing skills and make sure that you avoid them when raising your own child.

However, with all that said, I still encourage you to analyze everything your mother taught you in life and decide what it is that your mother was doing right and wrong.

Sometimes to a daughter or a son, it may seem like some of the things a parent does is mean and spiteful but most of the times it was the only way they knew how to raise a child.

Try forgiving, you don’t have to tell her you forgive her but the path to healing is paved with forgiveness and it might just help you with your relationship with your daughter if you don’t always have such animosity for your mother hanging over your shoulder.

All the best of luck and Happy Mother’s Day!



If you would like to submit questions about anything, please email [email protected]

Dear Rylee,

Students need to find time in their busy schedules to study

“A new quarter has begun and I have found that I have no time for studying. I have such a

busy schedule between my kids, school, and work that my grades last quarter were below

average. I don’t want this to happen again this quarter. What can I do?”

-Maxed Out Student


Dear Maxed out Student,

A busy schedule can make for bad studying habits, especially if you are not used to managing a schedule.

Having a maxed out schedule, however, does not necessarily mean that you have to stay up until one in the morning cracking down on the books. There is always time to study, you just have to prioritize and be a little flexible.

The Board of Education states that for every hour of class there should be two hours of study time. One way to assure that you can do this is to keep an eye on your course load.

As cool as it may be to take maximum credits to assure that you graduate at a faster pace, this can be unrealistic. Look at what you have time to take.

If you are juggling a job, school and kids it may be wiser to take part time credits instead of full time credits.

Six credits is equal to part time which is usually only two classes.

According to Financial Aid here at Pierce College if a student is reliant on FAFSA money they can still receive their money with part time credits, the amount that they would normally receive will just be cut in accordance with how many credits they are taking.

This can help free up the time you normally would have been in class, creating study time.

Space out your classes. Most of my own classes are at least an hour apart from each other or on separate days from each other. This way I can study between classes or on a day when I have no scheduled classes.

Make a study space. A good thing to always have is a space that is just meant for you to study; a place where everyone knows that when you are there it’s a time to just leave you alone.

Don’t make this place somewhere where you spend lots of time. For example, not a living room.

There are too many distractions for you there, such as television, radio and children.

Another place to avoid studying is in your bedroom.

According to the Psychology Department studying in your bedroom can interrupt your sleeping pattern because your mind will be continually focused on studying.

The best place for studying would be somewhere like an office, this is the most ideal place, but if you do not have an office a small corner of the dining room table is a good place as well.

If you have a hard time concentrating on studying in the house, try the library either at the school or at a public one (these usually have a place for kids to play as well).

Create a schedule. Keeping a schedule is very important when you have a busy day.

It allows you to maximize your time and get the most out of your day. Time everything down to the minute; when you get up, what you have to do in the morning to get you and your children ready, and everything else you have to get done that day.

You might have to create more than one schedule. You can make it a week in advance like I do, or each night before you go to bed.

The important thing is that you have something to look at that will help you manage everything you have going on.

There are a variety of time schedules that will fit your person. I use date books, but you can use so many other things such as your phone, 3×5 cards or even a notebook.

How to create a schedule. First, start by putting down all your necessities; work, classes, meals, kids, etc.

Now block in your time to study. Schedule it for a time when you are energized.

Also, it is best to review your class notes soon after class. Make sure to schedule in study breaks, about 10 minutes each hour.

Organize this schedule to fit each individual day. One day you might have tons of time to study while on other days you are more busy.

The most important thing you need to remember is to actually sit down and study.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our day that we forget and then it is too late.

Remember that school is important for furthering your career.

It should be a priority and not something to put on hold.

Good luck.


Kinsey Confidential

Q: I am a 19 year old heterosexual male and back in November found out that my ex-girlfriend had been diagnosed with HPV. She said she was aware of the symptoms while we were still together and being sexually active, however didn’t know it was HPV until after our relationship ended. Neither of us have ever been with another person sexually except though oral sex with one other person years ago, so we are perplexed as to how she contracted the virus (we were also both completely faithful!). I have no visible signs or symptoms of HPV, but I am aware that I can be a carrier and simply pass on the virus without knowing. My question is: how should I approach sexual activity with future partners when there is a risk of me giving them HPV, and is there any way of knowing for sure if I have the virus?

A: As more magazines and newspapers talk about HPV, which stands for the human papillomavirus, and the HPV vaccines, we get more and more questions about this very common sexually transmissible infection, or STI.

First, please know that HPV is EXTREMELY common. Most sexually active people get at least one of the 100+ strains at some point in their lives. Also, the HPV vaccine is now available to men in many places; you may want to ask your healthcare provider about it. Just because your girlfriend had at least one of the strains doesn’t mean she had all four strains of HPV that Gardasil protects against.

It’s also the case that HPV is sexually transmitted and can be transmitted during oral sex, vaginal sex or anal sex. As you both had had oral sex with other people before getting together, it’s possible that one or both of you got it that way. Further, men can’t routinely be tested for HPV so you may have gotten it from a past partner and given it to your ex-girlfriend or she may have gotten HPV from her earlier partner and then given it to you. There is no way of knowing but women – who are regularly tested for HPV these days – are more likely to get the diagnosis just because they’re the ones being tested. We don’t have good testing available for men so again – you may have been the one to originally have it and neither of you will likely ever know.

The good news is that most people’s bodies don’t experience noticeable problems from HPV. You may never have problems with it and it may clear from your body without ever transmitting it to anyone else.

Unless you’re linked up with a very rare, progressive, perhaps research-based clinic, there’s likely no HPV testing available for you as a man (but you can ask your healthcare provider). I typically tell people that HPV is one of those infections that most sexually active adults will come into contact with. It doesn’t make you strange, unusual or “diseased” in any way. It’s par for the course in some ways, especially among young sexually active adults. Of course, it’s still a good idea to talk with future partners, learn about HPV, educate them about HPV, and know that condoms greatly reduce the risk of transmission and that this is by no means an end to your sex life. You can continue to feel confident about having great and pleasurable sex. Chances are that other people you date or have sex with may have other strains of HPV too whether or not they know it (which is another reason to talk with your provider about the HPV vaccine).

Dr. Debby Herbenick is a sexual health educator at The Kinsey Institute and author of Because It Feels Good: A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction, Read My Lips: A Complete Guide to the Vagina and Vulva, The I Love You More Book, and Great in Bed. Find our blog, sex information, podcasts and archived Q&A at www.KinseyConfidential.org. Follow us on Twitter @KinseyCon and follow Debby at @mysexprofessor.

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