Student pursues running a ‘Let’s Play’ Channel

With hopes for the future, Reggie Williams wants to make fun content for everything gaming


Williams is a Pierce College student pursuing a General Arts degree. But in his free time, he has guest starred on his friend’s channel, “Metal Jesus Rocks” on YouTube. Williams has recently started his own YouTube channel, “Radical Reggie.” His channel focuses on things like “top 10’s,” favorite memories of games, and their history with playing video games.

“People really liked me on his channel,” Williams said, “I’ve gotten a lot of fans, and now have about 17,000 subscribers.” YouTube channels typically start out pretty small, and though 17,000 seems small in comparison to creators like “PewDiePie’s” 53 million subscriber count, but starting in the thousands with one’s channel within less than a year.

Williams is unable to do “Let’s Plays,” a form of playthroughs where someone plays through a game in its entirety, but Williams has hopes in the future to get the equipment to expand his range and audience.

“I’m more into the older games, but I might try more modern games,” Williams said, “Right now, however, any footage a play of a game comes out chopped out.” Williams has used recording services like the PlayStation 4’s Capture mode, which allows people to record their gameplays and post them online. This service is far from perfect: pixelated footage, sound issues, and bumpy video has plagued this service for years. “I plan to get a good gaming PC, but for now I’ll work with what I have.”

Williams considers his gaming as just a side gig, he at first didn’t have a clear idea of what he wanted to do. But after trying out YouTubing, Williams found it far more enjoyable than he expected. He is inspired by the fans, who have seen the videos from his friend’s channel that featured him, and after getting some heartwarming messages encouraging him to do it, Williams finally started his channel.

“They said I came off as a nice guy,” Williams said, “Soon or later I said ‘why not?’ and tried it out.”

YouTube has had its fair share of negative commenters, whom Williams refers to as “Hecklers.” These people are generally seen as ones who say hurtful, insulting and inappropriate things just for the sake of it. Williams’s friend on “Metal Jesus Rocks” has deleted some of the worst comments, but Williams plans to simply ignore them on his own channel.

“What you do is you don’t feed those guys,” Williams said, “If you engage with them, you’re not going to get a sensible conversation out of them.” Williams is open to answering questions and having discussions with fans who do want a genuine conversation in the comments section.

Let’s Plays have gained mass popularity in the gaming community, ranging from the longer console playthroughs of “Achievement Hunter,” to the hyper-edited PC gameplays of “SovietWomble.” The appeal likely stems from less so the games themselves, but the entertainers’ comedic styles. “PewDiePie’s” humor is more vulgar and spontaneous, with wacky voices and silly moments he gets himself into. Whereas “Achievement Hunter” is more energetic, and benefits from the unique personalities that encompass the channel, and how they play off each other. Williams was liked by fans because of his informative discussions, sense of humor, and “nonchalant” kind of reviews over different aspects of games. “I talk about games on the channel like I would when talking to my friends,” Williams stated, “So my videos get less into the specifics of why the game’s good, and more what I just enjoyed overall.”

Williams hopes to see his channel to become full time. He is excited to see where his gaming goes from here, and plans to support his channel for as long as he can.