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Marijuana is getting reviewed

Governor Jay Inslee examines law on medicinal marijuana


The State capital, Olympia Washington is taking a deeper look into the law of medicinal marijuana.  Governor Jay Inslee is attempting to reevaluate the law and attempt to get it to coincide with Washington’s new recreational marijuana market.  There was a lot of confusion with police and the public about what was or was not allowed, which stems the further defining of the law.

The provisions will create a voluntary registry of patients.  In the beginning of next year this will help to eliminate the debatable gardens which have been provided to many thousands of people.   The medical marijuana facilities that have a license to sell will be able to distribute to these patients as long as they possess an endorsement to sell medical marijuana.  They could also participate in an operative which allows for dealing with at most four patients.

Washington is working on finding a legitimate way to give good proprietors an opportunity to get licensed for their marijuana gardens.  In 1998 Washington State became one of the first states to approve using marijuana for its medical needs.  The only concern here was that the initiative being passed did not allow for the commercial sale of marijuana.

Washington and Colorado are the first two states that made marijuana legal for sale as well as possession.  In 2012 the initiative I-502 was voted in favor allowing for legalizing marijuana.  The problem the state runs into is that there is such a high demand for the recreational drug and a low supply due to stores needing to be state certified.

The state is working to support the marijuana industry after the new law has been passed creating help for the medicinal users.  The new law for patients in need of marijuana states they would be allowed to possess three ounces dry, 48 ounces of marijuana infused solids, 216 ounces of liquid, and 21 grams of concentrates.

In the state of Washington only people with a license can grow the drug.  In the near future hopefully there will be an idea of how medicinal users can legally purchase the drug without any ramifications.  This should also clear up any confusion with local authorities and apprehending citizens that are not in good keeping with the law.

Are you eligible to become an athlete at Pierce

Basic Requirements:

• You must be a High School graduate or the class of which you were a member must have graduated. • You must be registered for classes 20 days from the beginning of the quarter.

Basic Requirements: • You must be registered in 12 or more credit hours during the current quarter of attendance. • You must successfully complete 12 or more credit hours during the most recent quarter of college.

Second Year Requirements: • You must have earned 36 credit hours from your first quarter of official participation and you must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or better from the first quarter of your first year of official participation.

Transfer Student-Athletes: • If you transfer from another NWAACC member college, you become eligible for athletic competition after a laspe of three quarters, exclusive of summer school, after separation from the former college or university

Sandpoint High School player signs letter of intent to play ball

Lily Martin is ready to play college sports

With the NBA play offs kicking into high gear, teams are making their way to round 2, it is without question that basketball still looms in our hearts.   The Red Raider men’s team just finished the season making it to the playoffs.  The women’s team did not make the playoffs, however they did win their last two games which gives optimism to the young hoopers.

There is another reason to be optimistic.  A young lady by the name of Lily Martin.  A senior from Sandpoint high school signed a letter of intent recently to come play for the Raiders.  However, the road to becoming a Raider was not an easy decision.  Martin went to Green River Community College where a former teammate played.  Debating on the decision, she decided that Pierce College was the better fit for her.

The Regional Scout Shawn Mosqueda helped direct the young lady to Pierce College.  His thoughts are that she can help immediately, contributing with athleticism and smarts.  She has a physical game and a high basketball IQ.  Although Martin did not have the huge stats at the high school level, the coaches at Pierce felt they saw enough to know she was a fit for this organization.

Her mother Francie looks forward to her daughter continuing playing a sport she loves at the collegiate level.  As I am sure our Pierce College coaches looks forward to Martin playing for the Raiders.


Former player for Raiders claims NWAACC’s “Player Of The Week”

D’Aundray Van Slyke receives honors for baseball prowess

Recently D’Aundray Van Slyke was named player of the week. Van Slyke, who attends St. Andrews University, plays baseball for the Knights in the Appalachian Athletic Conference. St. Andrews University is located in North Carolina. However Van Slyke got his start in baseball at Pierce College. This is the first weekly award he has been honored with. Van Slyke is a senior who plays both pitcher and outfielder. But the honor had much more to do with his hitting and pitching than his outfield expertise. He finished his week off with eight total hits and six RBI’s, which included a game winner against opposing Milligan in the third game. In the same contest he also pitched three scoreless innings. He put one out in the stands with a home run shot that capped off a great week for the senior. Van Slyke leads the Knights with a batting average of .380, 6 home runs, 12 doubles, and 83 total bases. He is second in RBI’s with 35 and hits with 49. He leads his team in ERA as well, and to top it off he has two wins and 31 strikeouts and three saves in 20 total innings. D’Aundray’s favorite quote tells it all, “He who is not courageous to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.” –Muhammed Ali. He is definitely doing a lot of courageous things with the Knights and it looks as though the accomplishments are paying off for the baseball player from Washington.



Construction has begun in Lecture Hall to provide better use of space in the facility.  Normally a project like this one would be completed during the summer months to benefit the school’s finances, however that is not the case.  Due to budget constraints the construction crew is working hard to get the facility complete within their allotted deadline.  Workers will be traveling in and out of the cascade building with materials.  Safety is a priority for all personnel traversing through this building.


As with many construction sites the workers are faced with many hazards.  Per Osha.europa.eu some factors include skin diseases, deafness, back pain and exposure to hazardous chemicals and products amongst others.  The hazardous chemicals such as solvents and dust can take a huge toll on the human body.  These hazards can cause short term dizziness.Some of these effects are long term and have more to do with a construction worker being in their field for a lengthy amount of time.  However, there are some short term side effects.


Dust, whether it be natural or man-made, can cause a wealth of problems.  Asbestos is a fiber that many companies use in materials because of it being heat resistant.  Therefore it is found in several places, at home, at work, or even at school.  This is not to say that asbestos will be found at the construction site, however one does have to stay cautious.  Asbestos gets in the lungs and can cause Mesothelioma, Asbestosis, and Lung cancer.


Beyond the chemicals and compounds that can be found when construction workers are working a site, the regular safety issues still apply. Falling objects and trip hazards can still occur. They wear hard hats for a reason.  They are moving in and out to complete a project in an allotted time while maintaining a safe environment, and let us do our part by keeping it that way.


Hosting a proper backyard bash in the details

Great food and drink alone won’t make a great party



In the U.S. it is almost like a national pastime to have a barbecue. Who does not love the taste of charred burgers fresh off the grill, or golden brown chicken with crispy edges and a hint of barbeque sauce? However, cooking on the barbeque is only a part of the good time there is to be shared at an outdoor get-together. A good barbecue requires five things to make it successful starting with number one.


  1. Food and Drink


The cooks at a barbecue can reel the guests in and keep them coming back for seconds. People will enjoy the food and stay at your gathering for longer periods of time if the food is good. The cook will get compliments and the guests will want to come back for future barbecues if you can grill properly. To establish a good menu ensure you know your guests. Certain people cannot eat certain things, therefore be mindful of their diet and try to cater to their needs, so everyone is pleased. The drinks are the same. If your having a very proper social gathering, try to please the guests with a good wine or champagne, instead of laying out shots of the three wise-men. And its also important to have drinks for designated drivers and people who choose not to drink alcoholic beverages.  Also beware of situations when that certain someone needs to get cut off. It is never fun when someone has had too much to drink and now you or someone else has to babysit.


  1.  Company


The company you choose to keep can create a good mood for your shindig. If you are looking for a mellow atmosphere, your supporting cast probably does not want to be filled with hyper-active people and vice versa. If you’re the party starter and you want a great party atmosphere, you probably want the ‘lets-get-tore-up-party-members who know how to throw down a brewski or two. It is always good when you are throwing this type of party to invite the guy/gal who knows how to keep everyone entertained.


  1.  Leisure


Obviously you want to have fun when you invite guests over for a good time.  There are plenty of fun things to do at a barbecue, but the most important thing to do when you are a host, is to ensure EVERYONE is entertained. Its never fun when you have two people sitting in a corner chatting the whole time when everyone else is playing a game. Some fun games to play during a barbecue are: Cornhole (Bags), Beer pong and Tip cups if your old enough, or for the people that prefer to stay indoors or choose to barbecue in inclement weather, poker is always fun, as well as the game Taboo.


  1.  Music


Music at a barbecue gets people fired up, and ready to party! I love music and enjoy when a song comes on that makes me want to dance, even though I don’t know how.  This can create good spirits for the crowd, depending on what music you play. You have to be mindful of who is at your barbecue, because you may not want to play Tupac when your in-laws are present at your get-together. Ensure you are playing music that the people want to listen to, not necessarily yourself because if they are happy and in good spirits that can make the party better, even if it takes listening to ‘Cotton-Eyed Joe.’


  1.  The Setting


The best time for a barbecue is in the summer. The sun is out, it is nice and warm, making for a nice looking day. The setting is just as important as the weather, you want to make sure that the area you have your barbecue at has lots of space for people to maneuver in an out of, without having to trip over people or furniture.  Speaking of furniture, you always want to have enough places for your guests to sit. This creates comfort and by the design of the seating you can create a good atmosphere for conversation. This will also prevent someone from walking through your conversation having to say excuse me, and interrupting your dialog.


Annual Raider Ride

The annual Raider Ride is upon us. If you’re a bicycling enthusiast who enjoys long treks and a good exercise, this is for you. Bicyclists will have an option of two routes, a 40 miler or a 20 miler. The bikers will start at 9 a.m. on May 9th, leaving the Pierce College Fort Steilacoom Campus, after completion of the route each biker will end up at Pierce’s Puyallup campus. When you have completed your ride a barbeque will be served to those who have participated. The ride is open to students and employees and they will be taking 50 of each, so it’s important to register early. If you are interested in riding in the event, visit this website to register: www.pierce.ctc.edu/other/raiderride. In case of inclement weather a back up date is set for May 16. If you are interested in just getting information or you want to see routes from past raider rides you can click on the link above and it will give you the information you need. If you need a bike to ride be sure to contact the health education center to check one out from there. The ride does not cost anything, but you will have to complete and sign a waiver and release form before you can take up the cycling adventure.

Coach Krzyzewski wins 5th title

Is he the best college basketball coach ever?


The NCAA championship was between two great teams. Wisconsin just defeated Kentucky in the Final Four. Kentucky was attempting to do what no team has ever done and go an improbable 40-0. Wisconsin did not want any part of it, setting them up for the championship game. Then you have the always, dominant Duke versus the relentless Michigan State. This was a matchup involving great coaches. Tom Izzo, the head coach of Michigan State has been to seven final fours and has won one National championship. He is no pushover although on this day it would seem so, Duke beat Michigan State 81-61 to vault their team into the national spotlight.


The championship game, a matchup between two heavy weight teams. Wisconsin was led by their forward Frank Kaminsky. Frank has been a staple to the Badgers program averaging over 18 points and 8 rebounds per contest. The whole team was going to have to produce for Duke if they wanted the win. They did and they did it in a big way. Duke’s freshman combined for 60 points, a national title record. The ending score was 68-63 Duke, a close game which good coaches win. Bringing another championship title to Coach K’s already impressive resume.


Since Coach Mike Krzyzewski has arrived as head coach at Duke in 1980, he has reached the final four 12 times, and has won 5 championships. To put that into perspective only one head coach has won more titles (John Wooden) with 10. The next coach that can be compared in championship wins is Adolph Rupp, with 4 championships, however he only made it to the final four six times. Dean Smith is close to final four’s with 11, however he only has two national championships. Coach K as he is often referred to is a winner.


There are four college basketball coaches with 1000 plus wins.   Coach K has 1,018, which is only second to Harry Statham at 1,088. He continues to coach and add to his totals. The man that does have more championships than Coach K has 664 wins and that is John Wooden. This is a difference of 354 wins. To top it off he has also brought the Men’s USA basketball team championships in the FIBA championship and the Olympics. No other coach has won a championship at the collegiate level, as well as FIBA and the Olympics. If you don’t believe he is the best coach now, you at least have to admit he is in the conversation.

The difference between baseball and softball

The ins and outs of America’s favorite pastime

It is the season for America’s pastime, the sport Americans have known and loved since the late 19th, and early 20th centuries.  Baseball is known as America’s pastime because it was the most widely played sport in the country during that timeframe.  It is still one of the top sports in the country and has a rich history with its players.  Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, and Dorothy Kamenshek all were pioneers of the sport.  Women do not play baseball now as they once did, however they do have an awesome alternative.  So what’s the difference between baseball and softball?

Besides the sex that separates the two sports, there are some other significant differences.  The fields, the players, ball size, and the pitching are all different.  Lets talk about the pitching.  Baseball and Softball rely on pitching for wins.  A pitcher can lead a team to success with little effort from the batters.  However, the pitching in baseball does differ from the pitching in softball.

There are different pitches in each sport, as well as pitches that both sports use.  Some pitches in baseball include the fastball, curve, slider, change-up, and knuckleball.  Pitches in softball include the change-up, fastball, drop pitch, curve, and rise ball.  These pitches are based off the mechanics of the player.  In baseball overhand pitching is used and softball players use an underhand pitch.  The ball being utilized in each sport is of different circumference; in baseball the ball is 9 inches, whereas in softball the ball is 11-12 inches.

Women generally have smaller hands than men.  They also grip a bigger ball which could effect the velocity of their pitch. There are other factors that we could take into account.  Far as upper body strength goes, men are generally stronger than females. The website efastball states that an 18 year old baseball player averages an 83 mph fastball and their range goes 75 mph to 92 mph.  In softball the average speed for a college/pro player is 59 to 64 mph and their top speed goes from 65 to 72 mph via the website mizefastpitchdiamonds.

The distance between the pitching mound to homeplate is also crucial.  In baseball the pitchers mound to homeplate is 60’ 6” per the Major League Baseball website.  In softball the pitchers mound is 35’ to 40’ via the webpage sportsknowhow.  What is interesting about all this is due to the pitchers mound being so close to homeplate, a softball at 70 mph is equivalent to a 95 mph fastball in baseball per training.coachup.com.

All in all the pitching in both sports are very different and utilize different techniques.  The effectiveness is due to the player, which is difficult to hit either pitch from someone who is unfamiliar with playing the sports.

Whether you’re playing hardball or softball the differences in both sports make a case for both being a big hit.


Intramural Indoor fun

Do you kick balls?  Whether you do or not, you can have a great time with intramural indoor soccer that begins April 6 to May 27.  Intramural sports are a great way to have fun, get physical, and get a good exercise at the same time.

Most of the time, spring break gives us a chance to relax and eat cruddy food without having any stress.  However if you are stressed or not, there is always plenty of time to have fun.

What’s the kick?  Well it does cost money to go to the gym, and to play a sport it is the same.  $16.41 is the cost for a membership for the each quarter.  This is a great bargain in comparison to other gyms.  You get the opportunity to play intramural sports at your leisure.  You get access to the basketball court, the gym, and the locker facilities.  Games will be played on Mondays and Wednesdays and if you are interested ask the people at the H.E.C. for more information.


The Athletic Director of Pierce College, Duncan Stevenson, has brought an idea to the attention of the student government.  It is a $40,000 dollar investment that could bring more attention to our sporting world.  The project would be adding cameras to our gymnasium.  The camera’s have revolutionary capabilities in comparison to the one camera that we currently use.  Bring on the high light reel, “Boo Yow!,” as the late great Stuart Scott would say.

The process involves purchasing three cameras that are Sony HD with a remote pan, tilt, and zoom for better angles and clean viewing of players while on the court.  Check it out yourself on Centralia College’s Athletics website.  Centralia already has the cameras at work.  They upload their videos to Youtube and provide the link on their website.

So what are we upgrading from?  Currently we have one camera that is staged at center court in the stands.  Someone will move the camera shifting the view from one side to the next. When the score needs to be displayed the cameraman will do it on timeouts when it is convenient, shifting the camera’s view to the scoreboard.

The new cameras would give more exposure via live stream Raider TV.  Similar to Centralia College the school would have to look into a Youtube type website and see if it is possible to place videos aboard the schools athletic page.  On the stream a banner could be created at the bottom of the video, like ESPN but less sophisticated, with a score being updated as you watch.

The school could benefit from the cameras by the exposure for the sporting programs.  By placing the videos online, it could create viewers interest in the school sports and help with the recruiting programs.  Media production students could be involved in a possible job by monitoring the games through remote control.  Another benefit from the cameras is the fact that they can be dismounted from their location in the gym to be used for other events.  Highlight videos would also be helpful for student’s future success.

The Sony cameras have great capabilities and will it be beneficial to Pierce College to take on the $40,000 dollar investment.  The idea has a lot of upside.  We will see what decision will be made in the near future and if it is show time or no time in Raider Nation.


How Vinyl records are once again becoming relevant

How Vinyl records are once again becoming relevant

In 2013 vinyl records were out of date. That changed in late 2014. In comparison to the first half of 2013 and the first half of 2014, sales went up 40 percent for vinyl records.

We started the music revolution with cassettes. They were portable.  They were a part of the transition of getting music out to the people faster and more effectively.  However, they were unreliable.  Often times the tape in the cassette unraveled, and if it did not tear, then you would have to wind it back up.

In 1983 Compact Discs were introduced to the world.  It was a more effective way of delivering music to its customers.  The compact disc would have to use a lower quality format to get all the tracks published onto the disc.  CD’s as they were coined for short are also easily scratched.

In 1995 DJ’s were still using vinyl records to mix dance music which was a big art back then, so the records were still somewhat relevant.  The club scene was huge for mixing vinyl records, having the DJ interchange sounds and blast a new era of music known as Rap and Hip-Hop.

By 2001 technology would be embraced by the modern world, laptops, computers, the use of MP3’s on compact discs allowed for a technology advancement.  The vinyl record was going extinct or so it seemed.  Fast forward to 2008, a day of celebration, the vinyl record was given a holiday known as Record Store Day.  The third Saturday in April record companies could produce limited edition records for sale.  This peaked the interest of specific customers because the sound quality on a vinyl record was unmatched.

Back in the swing of it all records are embracing their new role of classic listening.  Not only are you getting great sound quality from a record, it is also a nostalgic experience for most who appreciate good artwork through the sound of music.  This is something technology cannot advance.

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