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National Anthem Crisis

Should you kneel, stand, or sit?


Justin Ngo/Contributing Photos

Nathan DiCarlo (left) and Doug Carson (right) were interviewed about the NFL protests.

National Anthem Crisis

Updated October 16, 2017 at 5 p.m.

The protests began with the NFL player, Colin Kaepernick, nearly thirteen months ago and his motivations were clear. He was bringing awareness towards police brutality and the racial inequality present in the U.S. and his protest was widely discussed. The player engaged in a hiatus from football and now the protests gained traction through Donald’s Trump tweet.

On Sept. 25th, Donald Trump wrote a tweet calling out the players for their protest and how it disrespects veterans and the U.S. This tweet help acted like a catalyst and motivated some players to protest less, but others protested more than ever.  The motivations behind the current protests are either against Donald Trump, police brutality, or racial inequality.

The protests have been supported by some veterans, athletes, and even students here on campus. Basketball player Frank Banks, who is studying kinesiology have to said, “I understand the motivation behind their protests and how they don’t tolerate police brutality and the racial problems in America. I also understand how the song was made for veterans, but it doesn’t matter if people disrespect the flag because people of color are still getting disrespected.”

Another form of protesting observed is raising a fist in solidarity of racial inequality and police brutality. This form of protesting also refers towards the Black Panther movement and this form of protesting hasn’t been commented on. Some athletes like Frank Banks also claim how the national anthem have direct historical roots of slavery and racism.

The athletic director, Duncan Steven said, “I think it’s creating a conversation in the U.S. about injustice and inequality. We don’t have a policy on protesting, but we allow our players to express their freedom of speech and protest.”

Veteran student, Nathan DiCarlo, who is studying graphic design said, “They make a good point by bringing awareness to police brutality and racial equality. It’s a silent protest and their exercising their rights. The same constitutional rights that I fought for them. “

Operations manager, Doug Carson said, “I think Colin Kaepernick and the other players have a constitutional right to protest, but the owners can choose to fire the players as well. “

Part of the source for the protests can be found in a verse of the national anthem. It refers to “hirelings and slaves” and some have used it to highlight how the national anthem has direct racism and mention of slavery. It also could also be taken as a metaphorical sense, as hirelings refers to the poorer class.

As more people become engaged in the protest, it will continue to evolve. One thing is for certain, it is an issue that will not fade.



Pierce College athletics has put together intramural sports ever year for the past eight years. Doug Carlson set up a few different sports for students to participate in this season. Some of the sports include flag football, kickball, dodge ball, soccer, and basketball.

Soccer and basketball have been the two most popular activities. Carlson said, “We see a lot of the international students playing.” Carlson explained more about the point of these games. “They are a great chance for students to play together. They’re designed for players who aren’t good enough to make the actual team or play anywhere else collegiately, workout, and enjoy playing with players their own age.”

Intramurals started in October and continues through May. The basketball players meet up on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12-2 pm. Players interested in soccer meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The times have been scheduled to work with students so the students can play while attending their classes, work, and other obligations. The basketball teams play first team to 15. If a player can’t commit to the whole time allotted, the games are designed for someone to take the vacancy so there are equal teams and the games can be played out in full.

These sports are great opportunities for students to play the games they love, interact with each other, and get a general workout.

Team Femme Fiana wins Roller Derby Championship

It’s the last bout, the Femme Fiana’s chief leprechaun mascot, proudly waving an Irish flag in his green trousers. The Marauding Molly’s purple-skinned, fireball whiskey drinking mascot is screaming “Molly” to the crowd. The game ends at 307-86, over a 200-point lead.

            This may seem odd for any sport to have this many ponts, but if you know the rules, you understand that’s just part of the game.

            Points are earned when the jammer, or one of the faster skaters, passes a player from the opposing team. Each team has one jammer, so the jammer who passes the other team first is the lead jammer, however, no points are earned in the first jam. Four blockers on each team, form a pack to block the other jammer, because the more jams (or passes) means more points. Bouts are rounds that last two minutes and jams are how many times the jammer passes the opposing team. There are other fine details, but those are the main rules.

            This Championship is what player Connie “Con-Tagious” Gardner calls “the super bowl of derby.” Roller derby is about as complicated as football, just more punk with skates. The announcer was wearing a studded jacket and there were more than a couple people with dyed hair and colorful beards. The first two teams—the Spokannibals and the Trampires—brandished themselves in war paint. The Spokannibals reigned victorious as the score was finalized at 211-141.

            Back to the Championship game. In the first period, the game was tight at 21-15. This game would determine who would win the large roller-skate trophy and be the victor of Season 11. However, the destiny of the game changed when jammer Lil Mean Sunshine from the Femme Fianna zipped around the track four times, almost flying into the bleachers, gaining an impressive 21 points.

 For the rest of the night, the Marauding Mollys were desperately trying to catch up with their competitor, but soon the Femmes were ahead by 50 points, then 100. Each competitor earning about ten points each.

The most effective players were Slainbow Brite and Lil Miss Sunshine from Femme Fiana and SkateOphrinic and KC Chaos from the Marauding Mollys. Some of the most infamous highlights were when SkateOphrinic blocked Krackin and sent her toppling; when Slainbow Brite parried left and right between Molly blockers, scoring 16 points; even when Femme’s jammer Paulie pocket knife slammed into Molly blockers and took a 180 degree flip to the ground. The move that sparked riotous applause was when Slainbow scored the largest jam of the night, earning 35 points.

Even when Marauding Mollys had almost no hopes of winning by the second period, fans were loyal to the end of the game. Several of the fans shouted “Molly” alongside the purple mascot. Derby fans can be the most passionate cheerleaders and even the fiercest team members, congratulating the opposing team at the end of their games. In this sports subculture, skates, make-up, and zany derby names create this close community that is unlike any other mainstream sport.

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee


Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.


He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.


I hated every minute of training, but I said, don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.


I am the greatest; I said that even before I knew I was.


Don't count the days, make the days count.


It isn't the mountains ahead to climb that wear you out; it's the pebble in your shoe.


Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.


It's just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat people up.


If they can make penicillin out of mouldy bread, they can sure make something out of you.


I know where I'm going and I know the truth, and I don't have to be what you want me to be. I'm free to be what I want.


Hawks season ends short of Another Super Bowl

Seahawks get ready for offseason earlier than hoped


The NFL season has been up and down for every franchise including the AFC Champion New England Patriots and the NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons. The Seattle Seahawks have been one of the more “hot and cold” teams this year.

According to Footballocks.com, the Seahawks, at the beginning of the season, were tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Patriots with eight to one odds to win Super Bowl 51. Even with their odds topping the NFL, the Seahawks chance at a fourth Super Bowl appearance in their history ended in the divisional playoffs against the NFC second-seeded Atlanta Falcons, 36-20.

Seattle has been a part of the NFL for 40 seasons winning 10 division titles, three conference championships, and a victory in Super Bowl 48.

Since the realignment in 2002, the Seahawks have had their most successful run in their tenure. The Seahawks earned a playoff spot in 10 seasons going 13-10. Consistency has been a trait of Seattle’s with a regular season record of 137-102-1.

In 2005, the Seahawks finished with a team best 13-3 record earning them homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. After a dominant performance in the NFC championship against the Panthers, the Seahawks next opponent was the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl 40.

Hype surrounded the 40th anniversary of the Super Bowl. The game is considered one of the worst Super Bowls in history due to its officiating controversy (ranked 39th on NFL.com). Pittsburgh won the game, 21-10, with many fans and analysts blaming the referees for Seattle’s loss.

Bill Levy was the head ref for the game. In 2010, Levy spoke about the game and how he has handled the criticism.

“It was tough for me. I kicked two calls in the fourth quarter and I impacted the game and as an official you never want to do that. It left me with a lot of sleepless nights and I think about it constantly. I’ll go to my grave wishing that I’d been better.”

Seattle’s struggles continued until 2010 when USC head coach Pete Carroll was hired to be the next coach of the Seahawks. Carroll brought a defensive mindset to Seattle and began creating what would be one of the most dominate defenses in NFL history.

Carroll’s defense made history in 2013 becoming the first team since the ’85 Bears to lead the league in yards, points, and turnovers. Along with second year quarterback Russell Wilson and All-Pro running back Marshawn Lynch, the Seahawks ran rough shot over the NFL to earn an appearance in Super Bowl XLVIII. Their opponent would be the Denver Broncos whose offense in 2013 scored more points than any team in NFL history.

The first play of the Super Bowl was a bad snap by Broncos center Manny Ramirez that flew past Peyton Manning into the end zone, resulting in a safety for the Seahawks. It took 12 seconds for Seattle to get the lead and they never gave it up. Seattle’s defense gave a performance for the ages forcing four turnovers and holding the NFL’s No. 1 offense to a measly eight points.

ESPN reporter and analyst Stephen A. Smith gave his take on the game.

“I was dead wrong because I thought somehow someway Peyton Manning would be able to figure them out. They got punked. Seattle’s defense is lethal.”

The Seahawks dominated Super Bowl 48, 43-8, earning the first world championship in Seahawks history.

Coming into the 2014 season, the question surrounding Seattle was if the Seahawks can repeat as champions.

Early season struggles slowed the Seahawks chances of the playoffs. Seattle fixed their issues quickly getting them back on top of the NFC with a record of 12-4 and for the second season in the row, homefield advantage.

Seattle defeated the Green Bay Packers in one of the greatest comeback performances in championship history, 28-22 in overtime. Seattle was going back to the Super Bowl for back-to-back seasons.

Super Bowl 49 featured the two most successful teams since 2012, the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. Super Bowl 49 (ranked the third best on NFL.com) was a slugfest for all four quarters.

The Seahawks jumped ahead to a 10-point lead entering the fourth quarter. Seattle’s offense stalled for most of the fourth whereas New England’s offense had their best quarter of the season. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady completed 13 of 15 passes for 124 yards and two touchdowns featuring a three-yard completion to Julian Edelman with 2:06 remaining.

Down four with two minutes to go, Seattle’s offense regained their rhythm from earlier in the game. The Seahawks drove all the way down to the Patriots five to have a first and goal with a minute to go. Running back Marshawn Lynch was near unstoppable for the game with 102 yards on 24 carries and a touchdown. On first and goal, Lynch ran the ball down to the one yard line.

All that stood between the Seahawks and a second Super Bowl victory in a row was one yard. With 24 seconds remaining, Russell Wilson threw an interception at the goal line to Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler to lose the game, 28-24. Color commentator, Cris Collinsworth, was stunned.

“I’m sorry but I can’t believe the call. You’ve got Marshawn Lynch in your backfield. You’ve got a guy that’s boarder line unstoppable in this part of the field. I can’t believe the call.”

In their three Super Bowl appearances, Seattle has proven that to be champions, everything must fall into place exactly right. Sports analysts can look at the Seahawks as the team that was one yard short of back-to-back titles, or the team that gave the most dominant performance in Super Bowl history in 2013. The Seahawks represent the city of Seattle well. Bold, young, and destined to be on top again.

The Reprecautions of Drug Enhancements in College Athletics are still a concern


For years in sports, whether it be professional or collegiate, steroids and drug use have plagued many great careers and have ruined many great moments. Some sports have driven more attention to the issue of steroids than others. Baseball has had a reputation over the past 20 years as a steroid filled nightmare especially on the professional level.

Many famous athletes have slandered their name because of steroids. One of the more famous cases involves Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod was considered by many a slam dunk hall of fame player in the MLB for his prolific style of hitting. In 2014 the commissioner of the MLB suspended Rodriguez for a failed drug test in 2003. It was later revealed that he had been taking PEDs from the year 2001 to 03.

In an interview with ESPN Rodriguez said “I just feel that, you know, I’m just sorry. I’m sorry for that time. I’m sorry to my fans. I couldn’t feel more regret and feel more sorry because I have so much respect for this game, and, you know, the people that follow me and respect me.” Many professional analysts now believe that he will not be inducted into the baseball hall of fame because he is considered a cheater with “fake” stats.

Colleges are very strict with their penalties for performance enhancing drugs. If an athlete were to test positive for steroids, they automatically lose 1 year of eligibility for their individual sport. They are not allowed to complete for 365 days after the date of the failed test. If the player were to fail a second test they would lose all eligibility in the sport. If a player were to tamper with the results of the first PED test they would be suspended from any participation for a full two-year period.

The NCAA and the schools test their athletes for drug use and they work on educating the players on avoiding them. It was reported that the NCAA spent over six million dollars on drug tests and the education on banning these substances.

PEDs have not been an issue for Pierce College fortunately. The Raiders have proven that teams can win championships without the use of these harmful drugs. 

3-1 Looking like 2013

Hawks look like their old selves when they won the Super Bowl


The 2016 NFL season has been a roller coaster of emotion for the Seattle Seahawks and their fans. The Seahawks 2015 campaign ended in disappointment at the hands of the NFC champion Carolina Panthers in the divisional round of the playoffs. Over the offseason the Seahawks lost their 5-time pro bowl running back Marshawn Lynch to retirement. Seattle did sign and draft new offensive linemen to reconstruct what was considered one of the worst lines in the league and the primary reason they didn’t reach Super Bowl 50.

          The Seahawks first game of the 2016 regular season was a defensive brawl at home versus the Miami Dolphins. The game started at a fast pace offensively for both teams until Miami Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills dropped a 70 plus yard touchdown. Later in the game Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson suffered an ankle injury putting Seattle’s offense in neutral. Miami had the lead late in the 4th quarter until Russell Wilson threw a touchdown to his favorite target Doug Baldwin with less than a minute to go propelling the Hawks to a 1-0 start.

          The Seahawks week 1 magic seemed to have run out in week 2 as they travelled to Los Angeles to play the division rival Rams. Once again the Seahawks found themselves in a low scoring defensive battle. Seattle fought valiantly on defense but was unable to generate enough offense to get the win.

          Week 3 reminded fans of the 2013 team that dominated all year long and won Super Bowl 48 in tremendous fashion. Seattle played their arch rival 49ers at home and racked up 37 points while giving up a mere 3 points in the first 3 quarters. Russell Wilson suffered another ankle injury in the 3rd quarter, which prevented him from finishing the game. Even without Wilson the Seahawks cruised to a 37-18 victory.

          Coming into week 4 the headline for the Hawks and Jets game was All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman vs. All-Pro receiver Brandon Marshall. That matchup did not disappoint. Through the whole first half Marshall seemed to have had the upper hand on Sherman putting up over 70 yards and a touchdown. The second half was a different story. Sherman demolished Marshall in the second half forcing 2 crucial interceptions. Marshall was targeted against Sherman 11 times and Sherman allowed a measly 4 completions. Seattle’s offense cruised all game long racking up over 350 total yards and 27 points. The defense was dominant as usual forcing 3 turnovers and holding the Jets to 54 yards on the ground.

          With a week 5-bye the Seahawks finish the first quarter of the season with a 3-1 record and a lot of confidence. They have the number 2 defense in the league and look very much like their historic defense from the 2013 season. The reemergence of tight end Jimmy Graham gives Seattle a big time red zone threat that can’t be left in single coverage. Christine Michael Sr. has rejuvenated his career as the Hawks starting running back pounding defenses for crucial yards. The Hawks next game is on October 16th at home against the 3-1 Atlanta Falcons who put up 48 points in week 4. It should be a great matchup between 2 of the NFL’s best teams. 


NWAC and Under Armour agree to multi-year deal


The Northwest Athletic Conference’s (NWAC) office made it official Thursday September 15th that they have agreed to a multi-year partnership making Under Armour the apparel of all of the teams. Since being founded in 1996, Under Armour has been a top sports clothing and accessory company and brand.

                Under Armour will be working hand in hand with their supplier Prostock Athletics to deliver new gear and accessories to the teams in the NWAC. Eric Ericsson of Prostock Athletics said “Prostock Athletics has been servicing the athletic industry in the Pacific Northwest and Canada since 1982 with experienced and service oriented staff.”

                During each week of the year Under Armour will present awards for NWAC Player of the week and a NWAC Coach’s Poll. The NWAC executive director Marco Azurdia was quoted as saying “The NWAC is thrilled about this partnership with Under Armour and it is something that we have been dreaming about for years.” With this sponsorship all of the athletic programs with benefit greatly in publicity and financially.

Under Armour’s gear is designed to feel and work comfortably in all sports. Many athletes use Under Armour products not just for in game use but for training and everyday exercise. A question that arises is how will Under Armour fairly give out their “Player of the Week” award when you have sports that contrast in style of play such as basketball compared to baseball?

                Another question that should be asked is whether this deal helps fund the athletic programs or if they are supplying equipment in exchange for sponsorship. Either way this is an exciting change for the NWAC and all of the schools.

Formula Drift skids into the hearts of race fans


Dominic Wilkerson

Fredric Aasbo car #151 (Right) talks with Alec Hohnadell car #118 (Left) at the end of the event.

Bringing the vivid colors of each car and team to Evergreen, Formula Drift kicked off with a literal bang as crashes and explosion of excitement highlighted the event.


Formula Drift is identified as the primary championship series in drifting for North America. Drifting is a technique in motorsports where the driver controls the entry and exit when making a turn by oversteering intentionally, causing a loss of rear-wheel traction. Races are judged by the driver’s style, line, angle, and tandems, rather than on finishing with the fastest time as with traditional racing.


Justin Pawlak and Tyler McQuarrie, two USA drivers of the Pro circuit, were involved in a crash heard around the world, prompting memes and speculation.


McQuarrie came hot off the 5/8th bank  and hit the wall where they first made contact with each other. Although he ran off the track, McQuarrie recovered and continued drifting along-side Pawlak. On the second to last corner, McQuarrie and Pawlak made contact again with McQuarrie on the inside. Their vehicles maintained contact through the transition of the last corner, then Pawlak pinned McQuarrie against the wall. Pawlak managed to reverse and head to the pits while McQuarrie’s vehicle had to be towed.


“This was one of the best FD’s I’ve been to, besides the weather being bipolar.” Melanie Yordanova, one of the spectators said. “I think it was set up very well and it had a lot of neat vendors. The car show was set up well and of course watching skid racing is always fun.” Yordanova said, referring to “skid racing” in a joking manner.

Of the Pro 2 circuit, the Sikky crew picked up another win this year with James Evans at the wheel. Dan Savage, Evans teammate won the year before. They seem to have their vehicles dialed in to this track even though they are from the DMV (DC Maryland Virginia area).


Fatlace presented “The Offset Kings” car show, which is based out of California, ran alongside the drifting event on Saturday. Heavy hitters from all over the PNW (Pacific Northwest) showed up with cars that have not been shown in this scene lately. Matt Conley, a car show participant, showed up in his Mk3 Supra and instantly became an internet sensation when it was shared on several Facebook pages.


“It’s always a good time DJ-ing for Fatlace.” Dj Lil Shonn said. “I had the honor of being their car show DJ at Evergreen for the past 4 years. This year was even more special and quite a surprise when I finally won a trophy. All my hardwork finally paid off.”  


19 year old Alec Hohnadell (USA) seemed to be unstoppable this event. Hohnadell won against Kyle Mohan (USA), Chris Forsberg (USA), and Daigo Saito (Japan) before losing to Fredric Aasbo (Norway) in the final round. Aasbo’s driving was an easy target for the photographers to get some pretty epic shots of his Scion tC. This loss doesn’t take away from Hohnadell’s run as he appears to be a strong competitor for many years to come.


“I was super excited that Aasbo won and Alec got second. He (Alec) has been driving his heart out lately and it’s awesome seeing an up and comer take out the big boys.” Jessica Crosbie, a photographer on scene, mentioned. “I was upset at the (Justin Powlak) and (Tyler McQuarrie) battle. I think people are still scratching their heads with that one. All in all I love FD. It’s one weekend where an amazing community can come together and celebrate a sport they all love dearly.”


Aasbo commands the board with 428 points. Kenshiro Gushi (Japan) leads second with 348 points and Ryan Tuerck (USA) grapples in third place with 332 points.


The final Pro race will be held at the Irwindale Speedway in Irwindale, CA. on Oct 9-10.


Golfing raises money for students scholarships

The 22nd Annual Golf Scramble was a hit as faculty and members of the community participated in the event.


Katelyn Hummel

Golfers riding across the course.

Every year, prior to the start of Fall quarter, Pierce employees and the local community members dedicate their time and money in a fundraiser for student tuition- by playing golf.

The 22nd annual Scholarship Scramble, held at the High Cedars Golf Course, is a golf event that raises money to fund tuition, transportation, food, rent, childcare and other student needs.

The event started out with the scramble, a tournament in which teams consisting of four players each compete for the best team score. The teams competed for the chance to win a car sponsored by Korum Automotive Group and each player was given a duffle bag with various small prizes.

Participants included many Pierce College Foundation Board members, Pierce faculty, Distinguished Alumni, and some members of the community. Members of Student life also came to assist in the event.

When asked about his team’s golf game, participant Glenn Zevenbergen said, ”As a team, I think we did okay, but I don’t think we are getting any money, but it was fun.”

Through the day, players and guests had the opportunity to enter the silent auction. Over 50 items were put on display and included Disneyland tickets, multiple wine tasting opportunities, tickets to a Seahawk training camp, various autographs from sport teams, resort and dinner tickets, and passes to various local attractions.

“I think there are some great items up for auction and it all benefits students, so you can’t beat that,” said Pat Lewis, member of the PC Foundation Board.

Guests were treated to free ice cream, compliments of John Gibson, founder of Cool Cycles Ice Cream, a company that sells ice cream from a modified motorcycle and raises money for children in Africa.

After a long day of golfing, players and guests left the golf course to have dinner at the High Cedars event hall. The hall was filled with dinner plates and good conversation among colleagues.

“(The Scramble) was a lot of fun. There were some ups and downs,” said Kevin Davis, Head Coach for the raiders baseball, referring jokingly to their team’s golf game. “I brought some classic golfers with me. We put together a fun afternoon. I’m really excited to be a part of it. It was fun to represent the college.”

While guests ate a delectable buffet-style meal, they were invited to join the live auction which featured a Football autographed by Steven Hauschka, kicker for the Seattle Seahawks, and displayed in a Super Bowl XLVIII Champions Deluxe Collector Case and dinner for eight with the Chancellor, Michele Johnson.

Guests were then given the opportunity to open their hearts, and their wallets, in the Buy a Credit portion of the evening. This was where guests could donate money to pay directly for a student’s credit hours. The bidding started at the price for a full year’s worth of full-time credits (approximately $4000), then went down to the price for a full quarter, then by credits, then by dollar amounts by increments of $100. Many patrons donated generously.

Pat Lewis, a member of the board and event participant, spoke excitedly of the Scramble. “I thought it went great, it was a really fun event, a lot of great participation, fun golfing, absolutely!”

The event raised $45,000 for Pierce College Foundation Scholarships.

The next Scholarship Scramble will be held on Aug.11, 2016 at the High Cedars Golf Course.

Are you eligible to become an athlete at Pierce

Basic Requirements:

• You must be a High School graduate or the class of which you were a member must have graduated. • You must be registered for classes 20 days from the beginning of the quarter.

Basic Requirements: • You must be registered in 12 or more credit hours during the current quarter of attendance. • You must successfully complete 12 or more credit hours during the most recent quarter of college.

Second Year Requirements: • You must have earned 36 credit hours from your first quarter of official participation and you must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or better from the first quarter of your first year of official participation.

Transfer Student-Athletes: • If you transfer from another NWAACC member college, you become eligible for athletic competition after a laspe of three quarters, exclusive of summer school, after separation from the former college or university

Annual Raider Ride

The annual Raider Ride is upon us. If you’re a bicycling enthusiast who enjoys long treks and a good exercise, this is for you. Bicyclists will have an option of two routes, a 40 miler or a 20 miler. The bikers will start at 9 a.m. on May 9th, leaving the Pierce College Fort Steilacoom Campus, after completion of the route each biker will end up at Pierce’s Puyallup campus. When you have completed your ride a barbeque will be served to those who have participated. The ride is open to students and employees and they will be taking 50 of each, so it’s important to register early. If you are interested in riding in the event, visit this website to register: www.pierce.ctc.edu/other/raiderride. In case of inclement weather a back up date is set for May 16. If you are interested in just getting information or you want to see routes from past raider rides you can click on the link above and it will give you the information you need. If you need a bike to ride be sure to contact the health education center to check one out from there. The ride does not cost anything, but you will have to complete and sign a waiver and release form before you can take up the cycling adventure.

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