20 Years in the Making

pierceraiders.com / Courtesy Photo
Ready, set, go! #132 Serin Caldwell (left) and #133 Tiffany Compton(right) Line up at the satring line moments before the first race in the Pierce College’s
Womens Cross Country history.

This year marks the beginning of an era as Pierce College introduces its first ever Women’s Cross Country Team

For the first time in Pierce College’s history, the women’s cross country team debuted on Aug. 31 after twenty years in the making. Daniel Richards, head coach of the team, helped orchestrate the meets and practices, playing a key role in getting this team off the ground.

Richards had conversations with Duncan Stevenson, director of District Athletics, which focused on strengthening the college’s athletic program. This is what led to Pierce adding women’s cross country to the program, which has been a goal of Stevenson for the past two decades. 

“Year one we just wanted to form a team,” said Richards. “Next year, I want to be able to compete in the NY conference; it’s a prestigious conference when it comes to distance running and cross country and I want Pierce to be in the conversation as early as next year.”

As far as how Pierce should be seen in the realm of cross country, Richards mentions that he hopes to make this a place to go and run for. “That’s my goal – competing for and winning conference championships in the next few years,” he said.

Currently the team is excelling as the season progresses, and students are excited that they have this new opportunity available to them. Serin Caldwell, a student on the team, expressed her thrill for being able to be a part of this. “I’ve always loved to run and now that Pierce College has a cross country team I think it’s a great opportunity for lots of girls to go in and do their passion.” 

Other athletes on the team, such as Tiffany Compton, have also expressed their excitement about their experience. “I enjoy my time very well,” said Compton. “I’ve done this since high school and took a two-year break, so it’s really nice getting back into the individual school schedule.”

When it comes to Richards experience coaching he says his favorite part is the comradery. “Meeting these girls with a passion for running, it’s a diverse group of girls and it’s cool seeing how running can bring them together. Sometimes you have a handful of people and you’re like ‘how is this going to form a team?’. It’s cool to see them bond over hard work and practices day in to day out, that’s the biggest reward.”

Over the season, the team has done a total of six games, including their most recent one on Nov. 18 at Saint Martin’s University. Each member has been improving and enjoying their time since the creation of this team, and are looking forward to continuing to do so.

For those that have an interest in learning more about the women’s cross country team, students can check out the sports athletic page on the Pierce College website. Students can look forward to the future of this new team as it becomes a competitive and sought out school to run for. It is here to stay.