June 15, 2017

Pierce College athletics has put together intramural sports ever year for the past eight years. Doug Carlson set up a few different sports for students to participate in this season. Some of the sports include flag football, kickball, dodge ball, soccer, and basketball.

Soccer and basketball have been the two most popular activities. Carlson said, “We see a lot of the international students playing.” Carlson explained more about the point of these games. “They are a great chance for students to play together. They’re designed for players who aren’t good enough to make the actual team or play anywhere else collegiately, workout, and enjoy playing with players their own age.”

Intramurals started in October and continues through May. The basketball players meet up on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12-2 pm. Players interested in soccer meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The times have been scheduled to work with students so the students can play while attending their classes, work, and other obligations. The basketball teams play first team to 15. If a player can’t commit to the whole time allotted, the games are designed for someone to take the vacancy so there are equal teams and the games can be played out in full.

These sports are great opportunities for students to play the games they love, interact with each other, and get a general workout.

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