The Reprecautions of Drug Enhancements in College Athletics are still a concern

November 2, 2016

For years in sports, whether it be professional or collegiate, steroids and drug use have plagued many great careers and have ruined many great moments. Some sports have driven more attention to the issue of steroids than others. Baseball has had a reputation over the past 20 years as a steroid filled nightmare especially on the professional level.

Many famous athletes have slandered their name because of steroids. One of the more famous cases involves Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod was considered by many a slam dunk hall of fame player in the MLB for his prolific style of hitting. In 2014 the commissioner of the MLB suspended Rodriguez for a failed drug test in 2003. It was later revealed that he had been taking PEDs from the year 2001 to 03.

In an interview with ESPN Rodriguez said “I just feel that, you know, I’m just sorry. I’m sorry for that time. I’m sorry to my fans. I couldn’t feel more regret and feel more sorry because I have so much respect for this game, and, you know, the people that follow me and respect me.” Many professional analysts now believe that he will not be inducted into the baseball hall of fame because he is considered a cheater with “fake” stats.

Colleges are very strict with their penalties for performance enhancing drugs. If an athlete were to test positive for steroids, they automatically lose 1 year of eligibility for their individual sport. They are not allowed to complete for 365 days after the date of the failed test. If the player were to fail a second test they would lose all eligibility in the sport. If a player were to tamper with the results of the first PED test they would be suspended from any participation for a full two-year period.

The NCAA and the schools test their athletes for drug use and they work on educating the players on avoiding them. It was reported that the NCAA spent over six million dollars on drug tests and the education on banning these substances.

PEDs have not been an issue for Pierce College fortunately. The Raiders have proven that teams can win championships without the use of these harmful drugs. 

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